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Business Consulting Example:
Hanover Road Dental Health, PA

Over the years we have developed an incremental approach to business consulting and management. Our observation was that many companies hire ‘big’ consulting firms that make sweeping recommendations. Few companies are able to achieve such changes. They become overwhelmed by the enormity of it all.

Our approach is called three, three, three. Three current objectives – three more to take the place of the first three – and three long term goals.

Our clients’ goals and objectives change; but over time we help them achieve substantial improvements that make all their operations work better.
We have worked with Hanover Road Dental Health, PA for many years and through several business transitions, and find our relationship very rewarding.

Some of the ways we have helped Hanover Road Dental Health improve their business:

  • Developed creative ways to collect money, such as offer credit cards, prompt payment discounts, and point of service payment policies.
  • We helped them to formalize their intake policy for new clients, and review the policy with existing clients.
  • We helped them impliment a project for slow staff time, which is writing to their clients directly about their care.

We have regular management team meetings with Hanover Road Dental Health that require all parties to be accountable for their part in achieving their defined goals.

If you would like to learn more about how Bayley Associates can work as a consultant to help your business achieve its goals in a steady and progressive manner, call us.